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Understanding Your Finances

The Covation Center’s Business Essentials: Understanding your Financials course is a deep dive into the complexities of understanding and managing your four key financial documents - Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Budget Building

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Who is Dan Manetta?

Dan Manetta is a professional leadership and strategic planning consultant with over 30 years of practical experience and formal education.  He is the former Executive Director & CEO of the Innovative Manufacturers’ Center, Inc. in Williamsport, PA.  Manetta teaches leadership, management, entrepreneurship, strategic planning, accounting, and other related topics for businesses and non-profits.

Manetta holds a Master of Business Education Degree from Bloomsburg University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Penn State University.  He also has formal education in military and civilian leadership, enterprise transformation, process mapping, lean manufacturing, quality assurance systems, banking, and organizational development. Dan has a PA Secondary Teaching Certificate in Business Education with an emphasis in Computer Systems and Accounting.  He has been recognized for outstanding performance and is the recipient of awards for commendable achievement.  Manetta sits on several fiduciary and advisory boards of directors.  He is also a published author, program developer, and frequent speaker.

What the course looks like

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We know you have a busy schedule. This course is made for those of you who are burning the oil at both ends who need to learn at your own pace. 

The course, complete with four in-depth lecture-style finance videos from Finance expert Dan Manetta, will be available immediately after you complete your purchase. In addition, workbooks will accompany each model so you can take notes, answer key questions and see the documents outlined in each video. 

After completing the course, you will be given a complimentary 1-hour coaching session with Dan Manetta to tailor the lessons learned to your own business’s needs.


Is this course for you?

When Sharon discovered her love for making all-natural soaps she immersed herself into her craft finding the best ingredients and the most efficient ways to mix, mold and set each bar. 

What Sharon didn’t enjoy was stressing about her business finances. After all, that’s not why she started her soap business. Like so many other small businesses, Sharon’s understanding of her financial systems are the difference between the success and failure of her business. 

If Sharon’s story sounds familiar, then this course is for you. Starting a business doesn’t mean you are an expert in every part of the business. That’s where the Covation Center comes in. 

We hear from many business owners that finances are their least favorite part of their job. But it’s also one of the most important parts. Through the Covation Center’s Business Essentials: Understanding your Financials course we dive into the complexities of understanding and managing your four key financial documents.