Economic Development

The Covation Center is dedicated to supporting small businesses throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

As part of this mission, the Covation Center is participating in a number of outreach programs in collaboration with the PA Department of Community and Economic Development.
PA Engage! : As part of a state-funded initiative focused on identifying PA businesses to assess the needs of these companies, and assisting those targeted through referrals and direct technical assistance, the Covation Center is taking a “Main Street” approach, focusing on reaching out to small businesses across a 10 county region. We engage in conversation with these businesses, to learn about their specific needs, challenges, and successes.
Engage Main Street Cohort
From these conversations, we are inviting 40-60 businesses to participate in PA Engage! Main Street Cohort Program, a small business growth program providing curriculum based, round-table discussions, and intensive 1-on-1 mentoring/coaching sessions. The “Engage Main Street” cohort growth program is based off the successful two year implementation of the SBA “ScaleUp America” program in North Central PA. This innovative partnership approach combines the traditional strengths of the PREP business support services with the benefits of facilitated peer-learning supported by mentoring/coaching.