Women’s Entrepreneur Meetup
4/24 12pm

Come join fellow women entrepreneurs and discuss National Stress Awareness month! Learn how to de-stress with adult coloring pages and lots of beneficial tips! All are welcome. Let us know you are coming here.



Digital Marketing: Part 2
5/9 6pm

This workshop introduces you to “Process”. Learn how to manage your website and cater it to your customers. Jerry Frear, the digital marketing pro, will be hosting. He will teach you how to use both desktop and mobile displays of your website. Learn how to utilize reviews and where you can put them to get the most responses.


Book Club
5/15 12pm

This month we are reading  “Meaningful Work: A Quest to Do Great Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your Soul”. Purchase the great book here, at the Covation Center, or at Otto’s. It is a great read, don’t miss out!




Social Media Marketing
5/24  9am-12pm 

Having a social media presence for your small business is crucial in 2019. Learn from social media pro, Christie Clancy, as she teaches you social media strategies, how to create an identity on social media, and how you can use these strategies in your posts. Come join her at the Covation Center. Register here or call (570) 484-2848.



Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops and events! One we are super excited about will be on May 3rd from 5-7pm! It will be an event featuring businesses that have participated in our Engage Program!