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Our Experts


Dr. Steve Brady

Business Strategy

Dr. Steve Brady is the Founder and visionary behind the Covation Center. Dr. Brady is a successful leader and manager with over 35 years of experience in supply chain management, business, logistics, and public policy. He has worked with companies such as Walmart, Kraft Foods, Samsung, Verizon, Macy’s as well as others in developing collaborative processes. The development of the PA Engage Main Street Cohort Program would not be possible without the dedication of Dr. Brady to implement DCED funding.

Updated Dan Manetta Pic

Dan Manetta


Dan Manetta is a professional leadership and strategic planning consultant with over 30 years of practical experience and formal education.  He is the former Executive Director & CEO of the Innovative Manufacturers’ Center, Inc. in Williamsport, PA.  Manetta teaches leadership, management, entrepreneurship, strategic planning, accounting, and other related topics for businesses and non-profits.

Dave Larson-min

Dave Larson


Dave has been a marketer for his entire career - fascinated at the intersection of business and psychology that drives his marketing curiosity. Dave's career in marketing has allowed him to learn and test marketing strategies, to discover what works best for a variety of business types and customer demographics. He has implemented strategies on large and shoestring marketing budgets to bring strategic insights to businesses at any step in their growth process.


Stephanie Desaulniers

Mindset Coach

Stephanie Desaulniers is a small business strategist, working with individuals who are looking to shift from "hobbyist" to small business. She has owned her own business for over a decade, and has been a consultant and facilitator with the Covation Center since its inception in 2017. Stephanie's experience in building her own product business and working with the businesses who have come through the Center provide her with a unique perspective on the challenges business owners face.

Levi Buck-min

Levi Buck


Levi Buck is a consultant and small business owner boasting multiple certifications across supply chain and project management governing bodies. At Supply Chain Visions, Levi is responsible for budgeting, forecasting, and day-to-day management of government and commercial clients including the Defense Logistics Agency, US Postal Service, and Veterans Affairs. In his role as a small business owner, he contributed to a more than doubling in profit margin at a long-established retail bakery in the area.

MJ 8

MJ Klemme

MJ Consulting Associates

MJ is a successful entrepreneur who is highly experienced in business marketing consultation, marketing research, and strategic marketing planning for small businesses. She provides marketing consultation, marketing research, and strategic marketing planning for business. She also leads direct instruction in Principles of Marketing, Social Media in Business, International Marketing, Advertising, Principles of Selling, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Strategic Business Planning for Entrepreneurs, and Human Relations at the post-secondary level and is experienced in instruction, curriculum design, and course development in hybrid and computer-based learning environments

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