Coworking Space Testimonials

Donn Trenton

“I think it’s very important to have a work refuge … There is a dedicated place to work where other people are also in work mode. Because there is the same type of energy going on, that helps you to focus.”

Jimmy Mothersbaugh

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Cohort Testimonials

Becky Woodhouse & Marshall Kramer

Level Eleven Art Department

“We know our field. But there are so many things that go along with the business – being an entrepreneur or business owners – that we were looking for more insight.” – Marshall Kramer

“We created new business contacts. We have resources that we can continue to utilize for years to come.” – Becky Woodhouse

Sharon DiMichele

Rose Valley Naturals

“With the Covation Center when they asked me to come along I thought, ‘I’ve been in business for so long, how is this going to help me?’ But they really did. I never even knew how much it cost me to make a bar of soap …. So now I know if I’m making money or not.”

RS Williams Graphic


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