Ep 3: Small Business Grant and Loan application

The SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan has a unique aspect – a “rapid advance” of $10,000 that is not required to be repaid – AKA, a grant.

The process to apply for this grant is simple, and has few requirements for application, however the funds are limited, so early application is key.

If you want to apply, get your business documents together and go to: https://covid19relief.sba.gov/#/

KIVA loans — a “zero percent” alternative

Our Executive Director talks with Aden Wertz about the Kiva Loan program. Kiva loans are “crowd sourced” loans where people from across your community, and around the world, will loan money to enable a business to expand, grow, or operate. There are a number of changes in response to the COVID–19 crisis. The Covation Center as a KIVA Trustee can work with you to prepare your loan application and help you put your best foot forward. (At no cost to you.)

This is our a link to the Kiva Application for people to have us listed as a Trustee automatically.

COVID 19 and PA Unemployment Compensation

Welcome to the Covation Business Talks Podcast. This is the first episode, and we jump right in to the discussion about Pennsylvania’s changes to the Unemployment Compensation process due to the response to COVID 19. Now this process is subject to change as the challenges ahead change, but we recorded this episode to get the information “out there” right away.