From Bars to Business: It’s Not Charity

There aren’t many things in this life that we can do on our own. Often, we are only as good as the support systems with which we surround ourselves.

A stable job (with coworkers, responsibilities, and a paycheck) is one of those support systems. But getting, and keeping, a job is difficult, especially if you have a criminal background, no drivers license or aren’t used to a standard working schedule.

In this week’s From Bars to Business podcast, Kori Amos, of Flagger Force, talks with Covation Center Executive Director Dr. Steve Brady,

Amos says Flagger Force is proud to boast about many of its employees who said they couldn’t find jobs anywhere else due to their criminal backgrounds. Through Flagger Force’s Second Chance program, justice-involved individuals are offered opportunities that they may otherwise not have received.

And most importantly, it’s not about just giving them jobs, Amos said. After all, it’s not charity.

Instead, it’s about taking their background barriers off the table and simply evaluating them as if they were any other applicant. Then once they get the job, they simply need to do the job.

Find out more about Flagger Force’s Second Chance program in the full podcast:

This podcast series is funded through a grant from the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania.