From Bars to Business: Second Chances

After completing a prison sentence, a set time of probation and/or parole, an offender’s debt to society is paid. However, as they move on with life, continue to apply for jobs, loans or child custody the criminal record remains.

For some fortunate individuals, receiving a pardon from the state governor could mean the difference between success and failure in future life endeavors.

A pardon means you have been forgiven by the government for the crime you committed, and leads to having your convictions erased from your record. After a pardon, you don’t have to “check the box” when filling out an application, nor do you have to tell anyone that you were ever convicted.

Tobey Exholm, Esq. founded the Pardon Project in 2018. Through the project he helps ex-offenders apply for a pardon and understand the process. Exholm spoke with Dr. Steve Brady, of the Covation Center, for episode 8 of the From Bars to Business podcast.

This podcast series is funded through a grant from the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania.

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