Covation Center awarded economic development grant from FCFP

The Covation Center is honored to be awarded a $27,250 grant from the Lycoming Economic Development Foundation Fund IMO Joseph L. Rider at the First Community Foundation Partnership of PA to be used for the Center’s Entrepreneurial Equity Initiative. 

Through this initiative, the Center will expand its existing programming to include the development of a new media lab, which will be offered at a discounted rate to small and micro businesses within the community, as well as offering one-on-one business coaching and business book studies and a women in business seminar. 

The media lab will provide recording equipment, audio and video production capabilities, and additional media resources.

Construction on the media lab is underway and it will be available to the public on April 1. Media consultants will also be available to assist with video productions. 

One-on-one business coaching is one of the best ways for new and veteran business owners to gain new perspectives and insights about their business. Through these sessions, our team of experienced coaches help businesses tackle the problems unique to them while offering solutions and empowering businesses to grow and thrive. 

With this grant, the Center will provide three book studies each year for entrepreneurial women, monthly business workshops, one-on-one business coaching and group coaching, and a full day women’s seminar for women leaders and business owners. 

Underserved, rural, micro businesses are at the heart of our mission and through this expansion we will specifically reach women- and minority-owned businesses, as well as other disadvantaged groups. 

These valuable grant funds will be used to expand our efforts to support business development and growth at every stage. This includes business idea development, creating and maintaining a business plan, identifying financial needs and resources, as well as strategic and operations coaching. 

To learn more about the Covation Center, visit www.covationcenter.org