Support Small Business

Most small-town, "mom and pop" businesses are struggling, and don't have the resources to invest in learning how to sustain their business. 

The Covation Center, as a nonprofit, provides these resources, including the video tutorials, pro-tips, and how-to videos free for any business. And sadly, these efforts are NOT funded through our various grants. Only through donations like yours are we able to continue to provide these valuable resources.

Free Business Resources

We are only able to offer our free resources to small businesses due to state and local funding. This means the Center is able to work directly with businesses in need.



“We know our field. But there are so many things that go along with the business – being an entrepreneur or business owners – that we were looking for more insight.” – Marshall Kramer

Marshall Kramer

Level Eleven Art Department

“With the Covation Center when they asked me to come along I thought, ‘I’ve been in business for so long, how is this going to help me?’ But they really did. I never even knew how much it cost me to make a bar of soap …. So now I know if I’m making money or not.”

Sharon DiMichele

Rose Valley Naturals