From Bars to Business: Success Beyond Bars

Clear expectations. Honest communication. And the benefit of the doubt.

These are guarantees offered by most employers and when dealing with someone who has a criminal background, they should be no different. For Chad Ling, after spending years rotating in and out of prison, making the decision to turn his life around was not easy, but after years of hard work, the success he found was well worth it.

As a warehouse manager with the American Rescue Workers, Ling now works with others who are beginning their journey of reentering the community after a lifetime of criminality.

Ling encourages employers to be intentional and ask these new applicants why they have a criminal background, and be clear about their expectations for the job at hand. By spending some extra time in mentorship and building good work habits, your business may find it has some incredibly dedicated workers.

Check out Ling’s full story below:

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