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What is the Business MasterClass Cohort?

Are you working to control costs and improve sales?  Do you want to learn how to improve revenue, and make more money?  The Business MasterClass  virtual cohort program is designed for you! 
In this 10-week program, we provide: 
  • A curriculum-based program crafted to meet the needs of small businesses
  • Round-table discussions with other business owners sharing your successes and challenges
  • Intensive 1-on-1 mentoring/coaching sessions with experts selected to meet your specific business needs
  • Online interact with other businesses from across the region.
Funded in part through the Engage! Grant from PA DCED, the virtual program helps business’s develop strategies and tools to face present and future challenges, including helping your business survive and thrive in this new COVID-19 world.
The program combines curriculum guided instruction and learning from your peers, with coaching in 1-on-1 sessions with experts selected to meet your specific business’s needs. 
The MasterClass cohort addresses topics such as:
  • Defining the business’ mission, vision, and goals 
  • Leadership and changing management 
  • Evaluating the business through self-assessment 
  • Understanding the customer and building customer relationships 
  • Digital and social media marketing 
  • Valuing and pricing the product 
  • Understanding financial documents 
  • Costs and forecasting 
  • Human resources 
  • Business ethics 
  • Identifying local resources.