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Workshop: Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship: Empowering Women to Redefine Business Success

June 13, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


This Workshop is sponsored by the Covation Center and is funded in part through a grant from the Lycoming Economic Development Foundation Fund IMO Joseph L. Rider at the First Community Foundation Partnership of PA.


Historically, entrepreneurship has been influenced and molded by masculine traits and behaviors. This means that in order for women to succeed in business, they have to adopt the work ethics, business operations and standards of success that were created for men by men.  Women are faced with the necessity to overcome the historical, traditional and systemic challenges to starting a business.  These challenges include lack of funding, limited access to female mentorship, social stereotypes and perspectives that limit potential, gender bias, work and family life balance, and not to mention burnout, overwhelm and frustration.  This empowering one-day, intensive in-person training, is designed to help women entrepreneurs develop the mindset, strategies, and skills needed to become a revolutionary entrepreneur by leveraging their unique feminine qualities to redefine business success.  Throughout the day, participants will;

    • Identify and examine personal stories about capabilities  
    • Identify and challenge their limited beliefs that block success
    • Recognize and address self-doubt and fear of success that fuels imposter syndrome
    • Learn how to challenge traditional norms
    • Understand, embrace and activate the feminine energies necessary for success
    • Define success strategies from an authentic and personally aligned perspective
    • Challenge gendered expectations, stereotypes and biases the limit potential
    • Navigate barriers to personal and professional success
    • Identify a personal narrative establishes a personal brand and supports business success
    • Drive develops the perspective, behaviors and attitude that promotes social change



This course is designed help women navigate traditional barriers to entrepreneurship by utilizing feminine energies to excel in a masculine-dominated business environment.  At the end of this one-day intensive, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Craft an authentic personal story that supports the passion, values and mission 
  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset the embraces an authentic pathway to success
  • Discover powerful ways to disrupt traditional limitations and challenge societal norms
  • Identify and embrace the feminine and masculine qualities required for business success 
  • Create an action plan to guide and support business success 

Who should attend

This course is designed for seasoned business owners, early-stage entrepreneurs, and women contemplating a business idea who;

  • are ready to challenge the status quo and break free form the constraints of traditional business norms.
  • want to overcome the gendered conditioned behaviors that holds them back from showing up powerfully in their business.
  • are tired of feeling trapped in old limiting stories and want to unleash their full potential as a woman. 
  • want create a business that aligns with their values and unique strengths by embracing their feminine traits.
  • are ready to redefine entrepreneurship and pave the way for a new generation of women entrepreneurs.   
Trainer Bio

Saundra Gilliard

President & CEO

Femininely Free!, LLC

Saundra Gilliard is a master level Narrative Coach who specializing in using storytelling as a transformation tool to help women reframe the stories they’ve been socialized to believe.  Saundra focuses her trainings and coaching practice on teaching women how to break free from their societal conditioning.  She uses the persuasive power of narratives and stories to help women navigate the personal and professional challenges they face in business, and every area of their life.  Her clients learn how to embrace their feminine power by reframing the stories that they have been told about what it means to be a woman. Saundra believes that transforming personal narrative is a pathway to social change.  

As a Personal Transformation Leader, Storyteller and Trainer, Saundra has more than 25 years of experience using personal narrative as a tool for transformation.  Prior to launching her narrative based coaching practice, Saundra acquired her practical experience in utilizing change methodology as a Global Change Management Consultant.  She transferred her in-depth knowledge of organizational change and transformation into an individual application.  She blends technical training, practical experience, and social advocacy into coaching practice that helps women challenge the stories that they have been telling about themselves and about other women.

Saundra is a storyteller, published author and playwright who focuses exclusively on narratives that showcase the power and diversity of womanhood. She earned a Masters in Transformation Leadership and Coaching, a Masters in Organizational and Human Development and a BA in Sociology.  She is the president and CEO of Femininely Free!, LLC, a personal transformation coaching service committed to helping women reframe the stories that have been taught to believe.


POWER is a Williamsport-based organization founded by like-minded women entrepreneurs, dedicated to uplifting and empowering women-owned businesses in our communities.


June 13, 2023
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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