Position Openings

Job title: Community Outreach and Business Development Specialist

Reporting to: CEO/Director, Covation Center

Hours: Full-time Position; 40 hours per week

Location: Williamsport, PA.  May work from home office.  Interviewing businesses will require travel throughout Lycoming County.

Purpose of the Position: The Covation Center is pursuing an “outside the box” and innovative approach to meeting the needs of a wide range of businesses in the Lycoming County region, with emphasis on South and West Williamsport.  The Covation Center is responsible for approaching businesses in these areas on an individual basis to assess potential areas of support for businesses, and connect them with local resources or provide them with individualized strategies and mentoring to help build and grow sustainable and thriving businesses.

This position is critical for reaching out to small business owners in the local community, and building a personal connection with them.  The individual filling this position will be introduced to several tools used to identify the value proposition, needs, and potential opportunities for the company being interviewed.  Then they will work to match that company’s needs with service offerings from the various business support resources in the region.

In every conversation with the companies the interviewer is expected to place the focus on identifying the unique needs of that business. They will then work to connect them with the resources available across the state that can best assist them in addressing their needs.

We seek candidates that desire to make a direct and positive impact on these businesses, who have the heart of a teacher, and a personal mission to help grow Williamsport and Lycoming county into a thriving economic and social entity.

Key responsibilities & duties

·       Conduct face-to-face interviews using interview and assessment tools provided by the Covation Center

·       Determine the needs of the businesses interviewed

·       Document the interview and any recommended courses of action for the business

·       Develop a strategy to help guide and coach business owners in growing their operations, providing mentorship across a range of topics, including financial management.

Academic or trade qualifications

The candidates should have a strong background in community outreach, either through for-profit or non-profit work. The candidate should have the heart of a teacher, with a desire to build Lycoming County into a thriving economic region that benefits all residents. The candidate must have a record of demonstrated leadership.

Education:  A bachelor’s is required.  A Master’s degree in Business, Social Sciences, or related graduate degree is preferred.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Send your resume to info@covationcenter.org.  The position will be open until March 31, 2020.